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Chattushringi goddess in the reigning deity of the city of Pune. She is also known as Mahakalee, Mahalakshmee, Mahasaraswatee and Ambareshwari allies Shri Devi Chattushringi. Her temple is situated on the slopes of a mountain in the North-West of Pune. This is in the midst of nature’s scenic beauty. This 90 ft. high and 125 ft. wide temple is looked after by Shri Devi Chattushringi Mandir Trust.

In the history, there is a very interesting story about this temple. In Pune, in the regime of Peshwa, around 250 years back, there was a money lender (saavakar) & mint owner of Peshwa named Durlabhsheth Pitambardas Mahajan, who was a very religious person & a devotee of Devi Saptashringee situated on the hills of Vani near Nasik.

Every year on the full moon day of Chaitra, he used to travel approximately 300 kms. i.e. from Pune to Vani in those days to worship goddess. read more