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Shree Chattushringi Devasthan Trust is working on renovating the Temple without compromising the heritage nature and feel of the existing temple.

The Jirnoddhar is planned such that the approach steps become more convenient, Sabhamanadp larger and adorned with terrace and free moving areas surrounding on all sides of the Sabhamandap.

The Main SabhaMandap is planned in a way that Devotees shall be able to see the Goddess as soon as they enter the Mandap allowing them the mesmerising Darshan of the Divine form.

The trust is also contemplating to install escalators from the base of the hill to the main temple which will help people to have effortless and direct access to the main temple.  This would allow our differently abled and older devotees to reach the Temple with lesser efforts.

The proposed temple will be three story structure. The Garbhagriha and Shikhar are heritage sites and will be maintained as it is.

A Dhayana Mandir ( Meditation Hall) at the lowest floor is proposed which will allow to devotees to meditate in calm place.

The middle floor will have staying arrangements for Temple Priests and the third floor will be the main Temple Sabhamandap.

The third floor terraces allow bird’s eye view of the Pune city.