Chatushrungi Temple is going to be rennovated in year 2019-20. Temple Trust has estimated the amount required for rennovation is in the range of 7 crores and it is expected to be completed in two years time. For the benefit of Children, Women and old age devotees new escalaters are going to be installed which will help people to have direct access till temple. Temple trust is also celebrating the Navarati Festival from 29 Sep to 8 Oct.
The rennovation expenses will be arranged by Temple Trust and various donations from the devotees.
The rennovation is already sent for approval of PMC.
The ground breaking ceremony will be arranged immediately after Diwali. The pahse 1 will be started immediately. The Phase 2 will be taken up after Navaratri Festival of 2020.

The main temple will be tree strory structure. Today’s Core temple area will be maintained as it is. The lowest floor will be a calm place kept exclusively for prayers. The middle floor will have staying arrangements for Temple Priests. The third floor will be for Temple.